First Paper

First Paper


  • 3-4 pages long
  • 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced
  • Use at least four sources for your papers.
  • In addition, at least two sources have to be from the assigned readings on the class syllabus.
  • At least two of the sources have to be traditional academic sources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles or monographs.
  • The rest of the sources can be media, such as news reports, blog posts, or even twitter. But be sure to rigorously scrutinize media sources, and acknowledge any biases or limitations in your analysis of all the sources.
  • For citations, you may use whatever style with which you are most comfortable (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc…) but please be consistent and make sure to cite all sources. A helpful guide can be found on The Purdue Research and Citations Guide here:

Due Date: Friday February 7th at midnight 

  • Delivery: all papers must be delivered electronically by midnight of the due date. Late delivery will incur lower grades.


1. Why in your opinion did the Arab Spring start in Tunisia? What long and short-term causes would you argue are responsible for the Arab Spring in Tunisia?

2. Why should armies be significant/not significant in the Arab Spring? (Compare two case studies)

3. With over ten years since the publication of the Arab Human Development Reports would you argue that the reports’ analysis of the Arab World was important in light of the Arab Spring?

4. The Qur’anic and the biblical stories of Joseph: how do you think they compare as literature? as religious texts?

5. How does understanding what happened in the Middle East fourteen centuries ago influence our current understanding of the Arab Spring?


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